I have been feeling rubbish the last week or so, really lethargic and sickly and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.   Beth has also been a wee bit out of sorts but nothing major that I would have been worried about, until last night that was.

We were out a wee bit later than normal so she went to bed slightly later than is usual for her and she was pretty grumpy and fighting going to bed but I eventually managed to settle her down.   All was quiet until about 2am when she let out a horrible shriek which frightened the life out of me.   She was warm but when I took her temp it didn’t flag up as being too hot, I got her a little drink of water and gave her a spoonful of Calpol to help with the fever.  After 10 minutes or so she settled down again and I went back to bed but the quiet wasn’t to last for very long and she was up every 10 mins or so and was hysterical.  At one point she was telling us that there were black and white things coming out of her teddys mouth and there was a wee man at her radiator.  It was horrible.

I think we eventually got back to sleep about 4am but when you need to get up at 6 and then travel for an hour I knew I wasn’t going to have an easy day ahead!   When we got up this morning, Mark and I were like zombies but Beth was as bright as a button, albeit a little bit clingy but she was well and ate normally so we sent her off to nursery as usual.

Tonight when I got home from work she was sitting on the couch crying her eyes out for no apparent reason and within 15 minutes was cuddled in asleep on me!  Thankfully taking after her Mum, she had a power nap and woke up looking for her dinner so at least she ate before she went to bed early and I’ve not had a peep out of her since.  I can only guess that she has picked up a bug somewhere and pray that it won’t last very long as we are heading off for a few days on Sunday, typical eh!

Here’s a picture of my wee sick girlie



Holidays are coming

We are off on holiday from work next week and it is really needed.  This last year has been stressful and now things are more settled we have booked some time off  work to spend together as a family.

At the weekend we are heading off here for a few nights and I am really excited about it.  Beth loves being outside with nature so I know she is going to love it!  

So we are in the final push at work to try and get everything cleared before we stop and Mr B is working his ass off to get all his customers up to date so he can relax while he’s off (although I don’t see that happening tbh cos he will still panic). My work is all on track and I am feeling positive that by Friday all will be done and dusted 🙂

We have an action packed week off planned leading up to Beths birthday on Friday and her party on Saturday and we’ve also managed to fit in a day for just Mark and I too which is a bonus 😀


Here is my wee adventurer 🙂



I was reading the news tonight and came across this story about Billie Piper smoking around her son and I feel really disappointed about it.


There is so much education about smoking and passive smoking and its effects that it really does make me wonder why people still do it.  It is the adults choice to smoke and they know what they are doing to themselves but children generally don’t have a say.

My parents both smoked while I was growing up and I absolutely hated it.  I have never even tried it and don’t think I could have a partner that smoked either.  When I am in a social situation if there are smokers I tend to stay away from them because it makes me feel so ill.  I won’t allow Beth to be anywhere near smoking and was deadly serious when I asked my Mum to give up when I was pregnant because I wouldn’t have a child in that environment.  Thankfully for all of us she managed it!

I really believe in each to their own and everyone has to make their own choices but it makes my skin crawl, especially seeing pregnant woman smoking or parents pushing a pram or holding their baby with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth.

There seems to be a backlash heading towards Ms Piper and I don’t think thats the best way to deal with it but maybe a bit more information will help her give up for her health and her sons



Where does it go?

There are 11 days left until we are in August and 17 days until Beth turns 3.  It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to a wee teeny baby who couldn’t do anything for herself and needed us for everything,

Beth is a very independent little girl and although at times it can be frustrating, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have come across parents in the past who hold their children back because they don’t want them to grow up and just stay babies forever.

I love seeing Beth hitting her milestones.  Watching her learn to crawl, walk, talk, feed herself, change herself, use the toilet, sleep in a big bed and all the other million things that she has experienced over the last 3 years have been great for me too.  She is very bright, intelligent and well behaved and I am immensely proud of her.  

Over the next 2.5 weeks I have her birthday party to organise and I am really excited about it 🙂



I have been watching a series on BBC 4 about the evolution of Fatherhood over the last hundred years and it has really struck a cord with me.

The first episode explored the Victorian Dad and the children who were to be seen and not heard and how that maybe wasn’t the case.  This was a time where Dads had a job as provider and protector of the family.  There was a movement in the 1920’s called father-craft which tried to encourage Dads to do more with their children and to teach them the basics like nappy changes and feeding.

The second part looked at Dads during World War Two and the relationships with Fathers being away from home fighting for their country.  Some Dads came home and were strangers to their children and others managed to make the most of the time they had with their families.  It then looked at the 1950’s and 1960’s and rebellious teens and the freedom they sought and how that put a totally new slant on the parental role.

The last part had a look at the Modern Dad and how the role has evolved since the 1960’s.  It looks at the more hands on approach to Fatherhood and how the sexual revolution and feminism has made fathers more insecure and powerless in so many ways.  It also had a look at the Fathers 4 Justice group and how that evolved.

It was such an interesting watch and has really made me think.  The subject is really close to my heart.

I grew up in the 1980’s, with my Mum and Dad and 2 younger sisters.  Mum and Dad both worked and they had very clearly defined roles.  Mum was a provider in many senses.  She went out to work and brought in a decent salary for the family, was the care giver, the housekeeper, the cook, the cleaner, the nurse, the shoulder to cry on etc etc.  My Dad worked , he never really took any interest in the house or the 3 of us and I always felt like I was just a nuisance to him.  Apparently he was desperate for a son and since he only got 3 girls we were very much resented by him.

I don’t remember spending any quality time with him growing up, he took myself and my middle sister swimming once and threw both of us in at the deep end to teach us how to swim and he traumatised my sister so much my Mum wouldn’t let us go again!  When they split up when I was 9 I felt such relief and happiness, my Mum did her best to make our house a happy one but with such a powerful influence in my Dad it was really hard for her.

Thank god for my Grandpa I was so lucky that he was there to provide a father figure.  My Grandpa was a true gentleman, very loving and caring and so knowledgeable about everything, and I mean everything 🙂  I have 5 uncles on my Mums side and along with my Grandpa they did a fantastic job providing that love, care and attention that we didn’t get from our Dad.

I honestly have never felt that I missed out on anything while I was growing up and I know that my parents’ splitting was the best thing that could have happened for all of us.  I supposed it just goes to show that biology only plays a small part and it’s really down to the people around you and that raise you that really matter.

Now I’m a parent myself I understand the unconditional love that comes along with it and I don’t understand how any parent can just walk away from their children.  For all Miss B might drive me nuts at times I can’t imagine not seeing her for a week never mind a year or more!

I look at Mark with Miss B and see the love they have for each other.  She follows him about and tells him all the time he is her best friend and is definitely your stereotypical Daddy’s girl.

I look on my Grandpa as more of a Dad because he was the one who was there for me growing up.  He had 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild and he was amazing to all of us and loved nothing more that to be in our company and tell us stories and also to help us learn, he was such a great educator and believed whole heartily that children deserved love and to be taught everything about the world. He also had very strong religious views, that said he never lectured or disowned me, when at age 17 I moved in with a boy I had only known for 6 months.  He kept his views to himself and was very supportive and there for us when we needed him.

He passed away last year and it has left such an impact on our whole family.  Today would have been his birthday and I wanted to pay tribute to the wonderful man I am proud to call my Grandpa.

Love you and miss you always

Clare xxx


Wake Up Mummy

This weekend I went through to Stirling to visit my Aunt and Uncle, I took Beth, Mum and Louise with me and we had a cracking time.

Yesterday was really chilled out and I decided to have a drink with dinner, 1 glass turned into 2 which turned into quite a few more, hic

I eventually got to bed at 3am and as we were sharing a room was really happy that I didn’t wake Beth up when I crept into bed 🙂

06:05am and I was very rudely awoken by a little finger poking me in the face.  Conversation went a bit like this:

“Mummeeeeee you need to wake up, I need my breakfast”

“Beth, it’s really early, too early for breakfast lets go back to sleep”

“Errrrm, no I think I want to get up now”

“Sssshh, you are going to wake everyone else up, come back in to bed and cuddle in”

“No Mummy we need to get up, I NEED my breakfast”

“Why do you NEED it?”

“Cos I’m Hank Marvin”

That was the end of the conversation, I didn’t have an argument for that one 🙂

Here’s a wee snap of my little girlie


and relaaaaaaaaax

I am so chilled out at the moment it has taken me about half an hour to bring myself to concentrate on this 🙂

I started getting beauty treatments about 9 years ago when Mark got me a voucher for a place in EK so I could get some pampering for my 21st.  I’m not a girlie girl and was a bit reluctant at first but once I started there was no stopping me.

I love going for facials and massages and when I get vouchers for birthdays and Christmas etc I put them towards a big pamper session that I get loads done.

I used to treat myself to a back massage every month and figured since I don’t smoke, drink or really spend any money on myself that this could be my little indulgence.  When I was made redundant last year I had to stop because it was a luxury I really couldn’t justify so I am so thrilled I can start it back up again 🙂

I truly believe that everyone needs something to make them feel good and let them escape for a bit and I hope that all you guys have that!



For as long as I can remember I’ve had an ingrown toe nail and I can vaguely remember getting antibiotics for it when I was about 9 or 10 but I have never actually gone to the doctors and done anything about it.

I think it all stems from my Mum lecturing me about cutting my nails properly and not wanting to admit I had buggered up.  I became a master at covering it up and even when I mentioned it to my Mum a few months back she had no idea what I was talking about but then she thought it was strange I was constantly wearing socks when I was growing up 🙂

So a few months ago Beth stood on my foot and I nearly jumped through the roof in pain and I decided enough was enough and went to the doctor.  I filled in a wee form and sent it off and a few weeks later got an appointment through for today.

Along I went and they managed to cut a wee bit away and save the majority of the nail so all was good.  Except I have a huge bandage on my big toe which means I can only really wear flip flops and I have an important meeting at 8:30am tomorrow morning.  Ho hum, just need to get on with it I suppose!



I don’t like to moan but I’m gonna 😉

Lately if anyone asks me how I am my response is usually tired.  It’s starting to wear me down a little.  I got up this morning and it looked like I had a cold sore on the way and I think it’s because I’ve been so busy lately that my whole system is running on empty.

So today I went into work and booked a weeks holiday and am trying to organise a wee trip away to recharge my batteries.  Although I had another late finish tonight I feel better knowing that we should be able to get away for a few nights 🙂

This week has been eventful in all kinds of ways but I will update later in the week.

Take care all