Anyone need some cotton wool?

I was reading this article over the weekend about a parent who was so over protective she made her little boy wear a helmet.

WARNING – below is a sensitive subject and some people may find it upsetting.

We have ongoing teasing in our house because Mr B is pretty protective of Miss B and I give her more free reign. Last week we were having dinner with my Mum and we were talking about our childhood antics and the some of the stories he was telling her were making her toes curl. He was free and crazy and your typical 80’s child that would go out and play for hours on end, build things, jump off them and spent most of his time out on his BMX.

I can understand where this parent is coming from. She suffered 2 miscarriages so when her little boy finally arrived she wanted to protect him from everything. It was around this time 7 years ago that I fell pregnant for the first time. Mr B and I were really excited and couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news. My Mum was very cautious and told me I should wait until my 12 week scan before telling anyone but I was too excited and we told everyone we cared about. When I was about 9 weeks pregnant I started bleeding. It was a Sunday night so I called the out of hours number and was told I would need to wait until the morning to call back and get an appointment to go up and get a scan. That night was the longest of my life, as much as I tried I couldn’t sleep and deep down inside I knew that the baby was gone. I got the scan the next morning and the midwife confirmed that I had miscarried. I was devastated, Mr B was devastated. A few months later when I fell pregnant with Miss B I was understandably scared of it happening again but thankfully I was well looked after and reassured by Mr B, family and the midwives I dealt with. The more I read the article, the more I realised that once Miss B arrived I was more relaxed, it was during my pregnancy that I was a nervous wreck. I suppose once she was here and safe I could relax.  I love that she tries new experiences and is fearless, that’s how I think kids should be.

So what about you? What is your philosophy with your little ones? Are you overprotective or give them free reign?

I think you just need to do what makes you feel comfortable for your own littles and try not to care what other people think, as hard as it may be at times.