My little Clever Clogs

Tonight was parents night at nursery and I am really pleased with Miss B.

We were shown through the Curriculum for Excellence and which aspects she had met so far and their observations of her.  We went through her folder with all her activities and looked at project work she has been doing.

We were told that she is happy, sociable, participative and bright.

As a treat we went to soft play which must have been a common well done as she met a few of her nursery friends there.

Here is my wee smartypants!



Technology Baby!

It was Christmas day in 1988, I got up and ran downstairs with my sister Eileen to see if Santa had come.  Every night before I went to bed I prayed that Santa would bring me a bike, so imagine my delight when I opened the living room door and there it was, a big shiny red bike!

I ran across the living room and jumped on and since there were no stabilisers just kind of pushed it round the room.  I was elated and couldn’t wait to get dressed and go outside to try it out.  While this was going on, Eileen was looking at the presents on the floor and noticed the pile under the bike.  They were hers and so was the bike.  I was devestated.  As I walked back to the other couch I was really upset, I had wirtten to Santa, I had behaved and he had brought Eileen what I had prayed so hard to get.  When I got to my pile there was a box in the middle and as I opened it up I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was but by this time my Dad was up and explained to me it was a computer and much better than a bike.  I had never even heard of a computer at that point in my life but this was to be the start of a new hobby.  

This little baby started it all 🙂


That commodore turned out to be a great companion.  I would go into our old dining room and play my games to escape the sometimes unhappy house I was in and shut out the world.  A few years later I was given a second hand ZX81 Spectrum which I thought was amazing.  I spent hours playing with that and going through all the old games and waiting so patiently for them to load.  After the ZX81 I had a SNES and Gameboys and an Amiga.  In the late 90’s, thanks to Mr B, I got my very own first PC and access to the internet.  It was amazing downloading songs, ripping CDs and chatting to people over the magic box.  

Mr B is a self confessed geek and loves technology and seeing new advancements and it’s fair to say that Miss B has taken after her Daddy.  On Monday she was allowed to take the ipad to Gugs with her and about 1pm she managed to take her picture and post it to my Facebook and Twitter, which is not as straight forward as it sounds. So today, Mr B set her up a kidcam account which is a brilliant app which allows her to take pictures and email contacts can be set up so she can pick where her pictures go.

Today while at work I checked my email and found these in my inbox, she really is a wee smarty pants!



Back to school

I have worked in HR for almost 5 years now and in that time have been lucky enough to work with some great people and had brilliant and varied experience. That said, I really want to progress in my career and to do that I need the qualifications to back up my experience.  So, with works backing, I have enrolled in night school and tonight was the start of my journey.  The next year is going to be even crazier in this house than usual but with the support of Mr B I’m sure it will be fine.

I was talking to Miss B this morning and told her that I wasn’t picking her up tonight because I was going straight to school. She asked me “Have you got a tie, all boys and girls at school need a tie” 🙂 If only it was that simple eh!

I’ve got my list of classes and modules that the course will cover and there’s nothing there to scare me off so I’m totally raring to go!