Wake Up Mummy

This weekend I went through to Stirling to visit my Aunt and Uncle, I took Beth, Mum and Louise with me and we had a cracking time.

Yesterday was really chilled out and I decided to have a drink with dinner, 1 glass turned into 2 which turned into quite a few more, hic

I eventually got to bed at 3am and as we were sharing a room was really happy that I didn’t wake Beth up when I crept into bed 🙂

06:05am and I was very rudely awoken by a little finger poking me in the face.  Conversation went a bit like this:

“Mummeeeeee you need to wake up, I need my breakfast”

“Beth, it’s really early, too early for breakfast lets go back to sleep”

“Errrrm, no I think I want to get up now”

“Sssshh, you are going to wake everyone else up, come back in to bed and cuddle in”

“No Mummy we need to get up, I NEED my breakfast”

“Why do you NEED it?”

“Cos I’m Hank Marvin”

That was the end of the conversation, I didn’t have an argument for that one 🙂

Here’s a wee snap of my little girlie



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