Let’s talk about sex baby!

I think it’s fair to say they I’m not the greatest reader in the world.  I have very little imagination and don’t really take much pleasure to sitting down and reading a book from cover to cover.  On the other hand Mr B LOVES to read.  He speed reads and likes nothing more than losing himself for hours in a bubble.

The only thing I read consistently are magazines, Heat. Closer, OK and Cosmo are a few favs.  I am fascinated by people and love to read through real life stories and the have a nosey in the celebrity world so when Mr B asked my opinion about the possibility of him being in Cosmo I was elated.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, Mr B responded to a request for subjects for an article and within a few hours was in full blown email communication with the Features Editor.  He ran it past me and I was excited about it and thought it would be brilliant for him to do it.  After a bit of organisation, he was given the details of where and when the photo shoot and interview would happen and set about making plans.  Mr B blogged about it here, so I will try not to repeat his story but give it from my side.

Mr B got instructions that it would all happen in London so we looked at all different methods of transport to get him there ultimately deciding that the train was the best option.  I drove him into the station in the early hours of the morning to save him taking his car and having to drive when he got back, so we were up at 3:30am to get him into Glasgow on time.  I then headed home and had an hours kip and got up for work.  

My head was spinning all day wondering what he was up to and what was happening, but as it was only the 2 of us that knew what he was up to, he decided to post pictures as he went to give clues away.  I think I must have checked my phone a million times for updates and was all giddy with excitement when I saw what he was doing.

Mr B going off to London on his own to be interviewed for a national magazine was a big deal for both of us and I was a little apprehensive about the questions they were going to ask, after all Cosmo and More were part of my sex education growing up, so I know the kind of question they ask.  Mr B came home absolutely exhausted but buzzing and all we could do was wait for the September issue to come out to see what the article looked like. 

About 5 weeks had passed and I was in Morrisons and noticed a new edition of Cosmo on the shelf.  I took it down and opened the plastic but was really nervous about turning the pages.  I thought, what the hell, and opened it anyway.  As I flicked through the pages my heart was pounding with excitement about seeing Mr B in there but also what the article was going to say.  Thankfully it was a really nice, positive article and I was so proud of him.

Being so young when we got together some people scoff at the fact that we have only ever been with each other, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Plus, my husband is a Cosmo model dontcha know 🙂




Sucky sickness


Today I had a much needed day off work and had great plans for things to do including all the housework that I’ve been too tired to do and catch up on the ironing, do the monthly food shop and maybe try and fit in something for me.

Mr B took Miss B down for breakfast this morning and as I was heading for a shower I heard a scream and a thump. The scream was Miss B being sick, any time she has been sick she’s done this, I assume it’s just the shock but it’s really horrible.

I came downstairs to see her hanging over the sink being sick and shaking like a leaf. I got her stripped off and I took her up for a bath, then into clean jammies and we made up a bed on the couch.

About an hour later she was sick again but so far nothing else. Today we have watched: Shrek, Space Chimps, Kung Fu Panda and Tangled. She looks a bit brighter and managed to keep down some toast so fingers crossed she’s on the mend.

Needless to say I haven’t got most of my to do list done but we never get to have cuddle jammie days any more so I’m just going to enjoy it.

What’s my name again??

I had a really interesting conversation with a friend the other night about titles and how being a Mum changes people’s perception of you.  When I had Miss B, someone I know told me to forget being known by my own name because the minute I became a parent I would only be referred to as Miss B’s Mum.  As much as it stuck in my throat, they were right but there is so much more to me than just that, so allow me to introduce myself to you.

  • I am Clare
  • I am 30
  • I love cheese, wine and chocolate
  • I am a Mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister and friend
  • I am a tomboy at heart
  • I love music, mostly rock and cheesey choons
  • I am a HR guru!
  • I can be quite serious at times and have always had an old head on young shoulders
  • I love to laugh and gossip with my friends
  • I love eating out and trying new foods
  • I don’t really like going on holiday, I’m a bit of a home bird
  • I LOVE my daughter, she gives me so much joy
  • I am happy spending time on my own and enjoy the quiet
  • I love being pampered and go for massages and facials on a regular basis
  • I can’t stand smoking, it gives me the heave
  • I enjoy my date nights with Mr B and love that after such a long time together we still enjoy each others company so much
  • I love 80’s movies
  • I am a geek
  • I like shoes
  • I’ve only just learned how to put on make up
  • I am determined and when I want something I work hard to get it
  • I like cleaning and taking a pride in my house
  • I used worry that people don’t read my blog because of lack of comments but I’ve got over it
  • I love my life

 I am Clareybear 🙂



Last night a friend put a comment on her Facebook about watching the Sex and the City movie and it sparked a question about cheating.

There are many excuses for cheating, boredom, being drunk, my partner doesn’t understand me or I fell on it, but I will be honest and say that I think they are all bollocks.  I’m not sure I believe that as humans we are meant to be monogamous, I think we make the choice to stay with a particular person and we make the decision to cheat. 

A very long time ago I fell out with someone who had been a good friend because she couldn’t/wouldn’t stop sleeping around.  Every time we went on a night out she would cop off with some random and cheat on her boyfriend who was completely oblivious to it all.  She appeared to feel no guilt and would be all lovey dovey when she was with him but the absolute worst bit was using me as an alibi when she didn’t go home.  It got to a stage where I couldn’t take any more and when I tried to talk to her about it she decided that I was the arse and we stopped speaking.  Maybe I should have kept my opinion to myself, but I didn’t like what she was doing and when I was being drawn into it, I felt less than happy.

So peeps, tell me what you think.  Do you think people make the choice to cheat? Why do people stand by their partner? Do people know it’s going on and just let it go for an easy life?

Oooh its a minefield


Make a Wish!

On Sunday, Miss B asked for a penny to throw into a wishing well so I gave her 2 coins.

Her first was, “I wish that when I grow up I will work in Wagamama” – her reasoning was that she loves it there! Fair Do’s 🙂

Her second was “I wish that when I grow up my Daddy will be my prince and marry me”

When Mr B tried to explain to her that he couldn’t be her Prince because he was married to Mummy she was less than pleased.

Oh well, maybe one day her prince will come. Just gotta keep wishing!

Here is Miss B with her prince 🙂



Happy Miss Bday

Miss B is 4 today.



Seems like 5 minutes ago she was a teeny weeny baby and now she’s all grown up.

What can I tell you about Miss B?? Her favourite things are:

* Her Gug (Gran)

* playing in the garden

* baking

* making cards

* drawing and colouring

* singing and dancing

* her cats

* Daddys ipad

* her lego

* playing restaurants

* playing hairdressers

* pretending to be Mummy

* her friends (she has a lot of them)

She is a polite, independent, well mannered little girl who I am really proud of, and even though sometimes she frustrates the living hell out of me, she is my little star.

Love you loads tootsie

Mummy xxxx


Talking to Ghosts

A few weeks ago, Miss B and I were in the car when she told me that she missed her Bampa.  Her Bampa is my Grandpa who passed away 2 years ago and she pretty much saw him daily until she was 21 months old.  He spent a lot of time talking and singing to her and she loved him and they were very close.  

I told her it was ok to miss him because we love him very much and that I’m sure he misses us too.  I couldn’t help but laugh when she announced “He could at least phone me Mummy”!  When I said ”I don’t think he can call from heaven”, she replied: ”Oh yeh, no reception”. The kid is amazing!!!

She went on to tell me all the things she missed about Bampa and that she wanted to talk to him again, but knows he is in heaven so she can’t.  I told her that she didn’t need to see him to talk to him and if she ever wanted to chat then she could talk to him and he would hear her.

Switch to today and we were out having lunch. She was muttering away to herself and Mr B asked her what she was saying to which she proudly exclaimed ”I’m just having a wee chat with my Bampa”. We sat and listened to her for 5 minutes chatting to him and telling him that it was her birthday soon and she wished he would be able to come to her party.  It choked me up and made me really proud that she had listened and decided to have a wee chat with her Bampa.