Operation “Get this house into gear”

Last summer I decided that I was going to get the house in order. Before Miss B came along we gutted the house from top to bottom but the combination of having a little one running about, 2 mental kittens and redundancy meant that the house took a back seat and got a little unloved looking.

August 2012 saw Operation “Get this house into gear” begin with us ripping the halls apart which was a major job. ¬†I spent ages trying to find paper that I was happy with and thanks to the lovely Laura Ashley I did just that ūüôā

Our poor hall was all bare naked then half done for almost a month because again in my wisdom (are you seeing a pattern here) I decided we should get all the internal doors replaced so that held us up for longer than it should have done.

I was absolutely delighted with the results and it still makes me smile on a daily basis so I know I made the right choice.

I gave the house a break over Christmas but we were right back into in in January but I will do some separate posts on each room as I go.

Here is the list I started with and how I’m doing so far:

Living Room

  • Repaint
  • New Curtains
  • New beading for flooring
  • New suite
  • Fix the spotlights


  • Repaint
  • Paper
  • New art
  • Reorganise cupboards

Downstairs Toilet

  • Repaint
  • New Art
  • New accessories

Miss Bs Room

  • Buy a bookcase
  • Reorganise all toys
  • Reorganise wardrobe

My Room

  • Repaint
  • New Curtains
  • New Wardrobe
  • Remodel Mr Bs cupboard

Upstairs Bathroom

  • Repaint
  • New Accessories
  • New Art

I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made so far and it will be done by May and then the fun begins when I start looking outside the house, oh lord help me!

Here is a picture of my hall wallpaper, I LOVE it!