Back to School

Miss B and the majority of kids in Scotland are back to school today.  The last 7 weeks have flown in but I’ve got to spent some quality time with my girl.  It really seems like yesterday that she was starting her first day of Primary school.

This morning she was up at 7 and in bed beside us chatting away about how excited she was to be back at school. I must say she doesn’t take after me in that department, I hated school and dreaded going every single day.  I’m so happy she loves school so much and actively encourage her to do the best she can.

I decided on her first day to take a picture of her walking there on the first day of each year, so far here they are 🙂

2014-08-13 09.36.51

Have a great day gorgeous girl

Love Mum



A letter to Miss B

Today you are seven. I have no idea how that happened! It really feels like yesterday Daddy and I brought you home from hospital.  You were teeny tiny when you were born, with a gorgeous mop of hair and the cutest little nose.  Straight away everyone said you were Daddys double but I still can’t see it, I think you just look like you.

You’ve had a brilliant year, here are some of the exciting things that have happened:

  • Went for afternoon tea at very posh places
  • Went to the carnival
  • Became a big cousin
  • Got an award at school for 100% attendance again
  • Got two excellent school reports
  • Tried teppanyaki for the first time and loved it
  • Went on your first foreign holiday
  • Learned how to play Magic the Gathering
  • Learned how to make loom bands
  • Got slightly addicted to Monster High and Ever After High
  • Made bread and even made rolls for your packed lunch
  • Made your first carrot cake
  • Had lots of lovely days out with your friends
  • Moved into the big bedroom and it’s now a very grown up girls room
  • Got your first computer
  • Got your very own Elf on the Shelf, which got up to lots of mischief
  • Achieved 4 new badges and a medal at gymnastics
  • Broke your finger
  • We went to Legoland and you and Dad were only a *teeny* bit excited about it
  • Went to the Commonwealth Games Rhythmic Gymnastics and you decided you want to represent your country one day
  • Found out that you are going to be a big sister 🙂

Things you love at the moment:

  • Your little cousin Emily
  • Your Gug, you missed her so much when she went on holiday in the summer
  • Lego games on the Xbox
  • Lego Rock band, you like to play the drums and sing
  • Building Lego
  • Watching Monster High and Ever After High on You Tube
  • Watching make up tutorials (too early for that!)
  • Making videos for You Tube which made Daddy and I smile for hours
  • Music, you are like a little human jukebox and always seem to know all the words to songs I barely know
  • School, you are desperate to get back and start P3 and learn everything you can
  • Your friends, you are such a sociable little girl and we have a constant stream of kids at the door for you
  • People, you are so empathetic and switched on to other peoples feelings. It makes me so proud of how much you care for others
  • Books, you are a little book worm and constantly have your nose in one. Definitely something you and Dad have in common
  • Winding me up! You and Dad take great pleasure in teaming up to torment the life out of me!

Daddy and I are so proud of you and we know you are going to be a fantastic big sister when the time comes.  Hope you have an amazing day gorgeous girl.

Love always


7 Hours Old


7 Days Old

Car seat

7 Weeks Old


7 Months Old


7 Years Old

2014-08-05 23.42.05