The start of something new

Miss C has been going to “the cafe” since she was a bump. It’s a local place which does nice food, reasonable prices and they have lovely staff. She’s never been able to eat anything because of her allergies but this morning after her emergency doctors appointment we popped in. I hadn’t had as much as a drink of water and she hadn’t eaten much either. We spoke to the chef who checked the allergens list and the kids chicken and chips was safe but then we realised the chips would be cooked in the same oil as mozzarella sticks. I was just about to give up on the idea when he said he would oven them and then they would be completely safe. We were both delighted and she had her very first meal there.

If you are out eating with someone who has dietary needs it can be really intimidating. If I take the kids out then I usually take food with me unless I’ve done hours and hours of research and called ahead to make sure it’s safe. The thought of either of the wee ones eating something and having a reaction doesn’t bear thinking about and the guilt is immense. Miss C has overcome 7 intolerances already and we just need to tackle her cows milk protein and soya allergies, but I have a plan for these.

I have to admit I felt really emotional sitting there watching her enjoy her very first chips and knowing that she had food that I hadn’t brought with me. Obviously since she is a sassy threenager she styled it out by wearing her shades most of the way through lunch.

Miss C is One!

I can’t believe this day has come around so quickly. Little Miss C is one, and what a year she has had!

She entered the world with a bang and brought some drama with her but that’s all turned around and she has brought so much joy and laughter to our family and I want to share some of that with you all.

Things she likes:

Her Sister

Oh my goodness does this girl love her big sister and thankfully the feeling is mutual! Her whole face lights up when she sees or hears her and when we go to pick her up from school she starts dancing in her pram or car seat as soon as she hears the bell just knowing she will be there in a minute. Miss B goes in to see her every morning when she wakes up and she always gets the biggest smile and giggles.


The girl loves nothing more that putting on a pair of sunnies and rockin them like a diva! As soon as she puts them on she shouts “HIYA” like she is being papped, it’s awesome 🙂


Her Cousin

My niece was born 6 months before Miss C and they got off to a rough start. E was really unsure of her at first given that she was so small and quiet and would poke or slap her in a regular basis. Then when she got more mobile and vocal, oh my how vocal, E was hooked. She is obsessed with her and according to my sister, she wakes up shouting for her every morning. Now they are both at a fun stage where they are fighting each other for toys and watching them negotiate each other is brilliant. E runs and walks everywhere while Miss C is crawling and cruising and they manage to dance around each other really well.


She loves music, Taylor Swift in particular. The first few bars of Shake it Off send her into a frenzy and she dances and claps and is elated. I think we might be responsible for around 10,000 views of it on You Tube 🙂 Other favourites are Katy Perry and Olly Murs. She also loves being sung to, even by me. She loves nursery rhymes and silly songs that I’ve made up.


She is super happy when she has a spoon to play with. I think mostly because they are for eating (see below)


I’ve written before about Miss C’s allergies but thankfully she is not fussy and will eat anything you put down to her and then some. She has a very healthy appetite and some days I worry that there is no filling her. Her favourite foods are blueberries, grapes, apples, salmon, lamb and macaroni cheese (dairy free).

Being a Joker

Miss C is always laughing and smiling and loves to make people smile too. She has an infectious giggle and when she smiles you can’t help but join in. Her favourite at the moment is to drop things on the ground and go “Oooooooo” like in the last picture.

Things she doesn’t like

There isn’t much she doesn’t like at all. At the moment she gets annoyed when her food is finished and goes into full on moany pants mode because she wants more. The other thing she isn’t keen on is getting her teeth brushed. My dentist told me not to stress too much and try to get the toothpaste in and over her teeth and gums. The wee monkey will only really let her big sister do it! She has really struggled with teething over the last few months and has 12 teeth already. She seems to be in way more pain than her sister ever was, and she seems to cut them in twos or threes rather than one at a time.

Time is such a strange thing. I feel like she has always been here yet at the same time I can’t believe she is one already. She has brought so much light and joy to our family and I can’t imagine life without her. She is such a happy little girl, so full of love and laughter and nonsense. I love seeing her personality coming through. She is like her sister in so many ways but more boisterous than she ever was. Miss B would happily and calmly sit with a book or a puzzle whereas Miss C is much more hyper and can’t sit still for a minute.  She is very vocal in volume as well as chat. No matter how she is feeling we know about it. Her favourite word at the moment is “HIYA” and she will sit shouting at you and waving like a crazy lady. She can say Mum, Dad, Woof woof, Raaar, Moo, star, cheese and Bab. She will also occasionally repeat me and then make me out to be a liar when I tell her Dad by not saying it again. She also has the most epic hair I have ever seen! It is wild and most days she rocks a fairy impressive mohawk. Her Aunty Eileen keeps trying to tame it but she is swiftly told to leave it. She is officially the worlds happiest baby and a little star.

Happy First Birthday my little star, hope you have a wonderful day.


Lots of Love




I cannot believe that Miss B is 8 today!

So much has happened in the last year and she has grown in so many ways.

A week after her 7th birthday she started Primary 3, a very important year as it’s the last of the infant department. She loves school and was really fortunate to have another fantastic teacher last year. He was doing his probationary year and had the most amazing way with the kids. Miss B is a little book worm and loves learning and school in general. The teacher they had really sparked her imagination and engaged all the kids in her class. They did a project on Pirates which she loved and they got to visit The Tall Ship in Glasgow and met real pirates and went on a treasure hunt. She got two brilliant school reports and her end of year report made me cry. I’m so proud of her and what she has accomplished in school so far. Long may that continue!

Two weeks after her 7th birthday she became a big sister. I always knew she was going to make a good big sister but I underestimated just how great she would be. She absolutely adores her little sister and is mostly very patient with her. When she was tiny all she wanted to do was cuddle and hold her. Now that she is more mobile she wants to play with her and will spend ages playing toys with her and keeping her amused. She is a great help to me and usually keeps an eye on her while I am preparing meals or getting ready. She loves going in to be the first to wake her sister up in the morning and is always over the moon if she gets her first smile of the day.

She has also come on leaps and bounds in her gymnastics class and with her swimming lessons. She is now in the advanced class at swimming and I’ve been taking her every week during the school holidays. It is amazing watching her, she is like a little mermaid 🙂

She is strong willed, independent, fiesty and determined. She is also really mature for her age and a natural born worrier. I’m trying to help with the worrying because she can get herself into an awful state at times when she starts to over think things and gets in a panic.

Since I’ve been off work we have spent a LOT of time together and I’ve started to realise just how alike we are. We’ve giggled, had fun times, cried, argued and clashed but I keep reminding myself that she is growing up and needs patience, love and understanding.

She is manic about computers and loves going on her computer to play Minecraft on our server with her friends and spends hours building things and setting up new worlds. She is also a big movie fan and loves nothing more than going to the cinema to see a film or to cuddle up on the couch and watch an old favourite. This week I introduced her to Hocus Pocus which she loved so much she watched three times in a row. She loves music and dancing and watched and re-watches The Next Step every other day and copies the routines. Taylor Swift is a big favourite at the moment along with Katy Perry and Little Mix. She is also superhero daft and LOVES The Avengers with Iron Man and Black Widow being particular favourites.

All in all 7 has been pretty great for her and I can’t wait to see what 8 brings her 🙂

As always, here are some pictures of her growing up 🙂

8 Hours


8 Weeks


8 Months


8 Years

2015-06-24 08.45.52-1

Happy 8th birthday beautiful girl, hope you have a great day!

Lots of Love


Back to School

Miss B and the majority of kids in Scotland are back to school today.  The last 7 weeks have flown in but I’ve got to spent some quality time with my girl.  It really seems like yesterday that she was starting her first day of Primary school.

This morning she was up at 7 and in bed beside us chatting away about how excited she was to be back at school. I must say she doesn’t take after me in that department, I hated school and dreaded going every single day.  I’m so happy she loves school so much and actively encourage her to do the best she can.

I decided on her first day to take a picture of her walking there on the first day of each year, so far here they are 🙂

2014-08-13 09.36.51

Have a great day gorgeous girl

Love Mum



Today Miss B is 6 and I have NO idea where the time has gone.

In the last year since she started school she has come on leaps and bounds in every single way possible.  Here are but a few:

  • She has always been a very sociable girl but we now have a constant stream of kids knocking on the door looking for her to come out and play and even though I didn’t think it was possible, even more play dates!
  • She will happily play with a big group of kids or can amuse herself when she is on her own.
  • Academically she is firing ahead and her reading, writing and arithmetic skills are really impressive.  She reads everything, everywhere and nothing in the house is safe any more.
  • She is a confident little girl without being a brat and we can happily take her to nice restaurants and events and not have to worry about her running mad and driving people nuts.
  • She is so inquisitive and we have had some really fantastic discussions about religion, death, relationships
  • She is a deep thinker and after our chats she will go away and think about what we have talked about and come back with really well thought out questions
  • We have a lot of fun together. She loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie together or being in the kitchen and helping me cook and bake
  • She loves music and is always singing whatever is on the radio and in the car.  She asked me if she could borrow my old ipod and she likes to update her playlists and I am forever being treated to dance shows at 7am 🙂
  • She started swimming lessons at the start of 2013 and she is doing really well and is very confident in the water.
  • Since her last birthday she has gained another badge in gymnastics and can third in a competition which she is really proud of

Here are a few pictures at significant six milestones

6 Hours old


6 Weeks Old


6 Months Old


6 Years Old


Happy 6th Birthday wee gorgeous face, Daddy and I hope you have a great day.

Love you lots

Mummy xxx

A Different Life

15  years ago in 1998 I was a gawky, socially awkward, painfully shy teenager who didn’t have a clue where my life was going.  I left school the year before and started a college course but didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be.  I had such a horrible experience at high school and totally switched off to everything.  I wasn’t having the best time at home either since I was a stroppy, hormonally charged teenager and had no interest in anything other than music and watching Red Dwarf.

At the time I was working in a sports shop in the local shopping centre and was slowly starting to build myself and my confidence back up.  Through a colleague in the shop I was introduced to Mr B, we went on a few dates and spent hours on the phone getting to know each other and fell in love very quickly.  After 5 months together we decided we couldn’t be apart so we rented a flat and moved in together just before Christmas.  4 months later we decided to look for somewhere to buy and found a lovely flat that we both instantly fell in love with.  Soon after we got engaged and spent 3 wonderful years in our little flat.  We then moved to a bigger house, got married and started a family and I can honestly tell you the last 15 years have been a total whirlwind.

Mr B and I have been through a lot in our 15 year relationship.  There have been ups and downs, heartaches, highs, lows, family drama, loss, even a brief break up but we have a better relationship for it but most importantly there has been a lot of fun, love and laughter.  We have a great relationship mostly because we are friends and we both have the same stupid sense of humour and share a lot of interests but I think the main thing is that we spend quality time together.  It can be really difficult to get time as a couple when you work full time and have children, but we make a point of going out on a date at least once a month and just being us.

Mr B, you are awesome, supportive, kind, caring, loving but most of all you are mine.  You changed my life for the better and that lonely, gawky, shy awkward girl has gone forever and instead I am a wife and a Mum. Love you now and always Markie B.


One of our first dates


At a party in 1999


There are no words 🙂 2003


Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. 2004

Official 10

One of my favourite photos of all time! 2008


Anniversary night out 2012

2012-12-28 18.40.36