2012 – A Recap

2012 has been another crazy year in the B household and as I’ve started looking back I can’t believe how much madness there has been. Here goes:

  • After reconnecting with long lost family members, 2012 was a year of getting to know them all better and I’m really glad to say they are a great bunch of people and we are so lucky to have even more special people in our lives
  • Miss B finished nursery in June after 3 years. Although she was sad to leave her friends she was so excited to start school and make more
  • Finishing my course and becoming CIPD qualified was a brilliant achievement especially as I had the most demanding job EVER at the time
  • Starting a new job, taking the next step in my career and settling in with ease and having a much better work/life balance
  • After 8 years I got my hall redecorated, I can’t tell you how good it felt
  • Miss B turned 5 and as usual we had a party with all her friends. I said that after she started school there would be no more big parties like this but we will see 😉
  • Miss B started school in August and what an amazing new chapter in her life
  • We had Miss Bs first parents night in November and Mr B and I floated out of school. Her report was glowing and she made us both really proud
  • Mr B and I had our first cinema all-nighter where we went to see all of the Back to the Future movies back to back. We got home about 5 in the morning on Easter Sunday and then I had to go in and make a roast dinner for us all 🙂
  • My littlest sister did her first 10K for charity and my Mum and I were there in the pouring rain to cheer her on
  • Went to Nottingham to visit family for the first time and I really loved the place
  • Watching Miss B gain 4 badges in her gymnastics class this year and seeing her progression has been brilliant, although she doesnt walk anywhere these days she bends and flexes everywhere

Plans for 2013

  • Start my post graduate in HR Management
  • Redecorate the rest of the house
  • Go abroad on holiday. Miss B has never been on a plane and our last holiday was our honeymoon 8 years ago!
  • Have more fun!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the year