Back to School

Miss B and the majority of kids in Scotland are back to school today.  The last 7 weeks have flown in but I’ve got to spent some quality time with my girl.  It really seems like yesterday that she was starting her first day of Primary school.

This morning she was up at 7 and in bed beside us chatting away about how excited she was to be back at school. I must say she doesn’t take after me in that department, I hated school and dreaded going every single day.  I’m so happy she loves school so much and actively encourage her to do the best she can.

I decided on her first day to take a picture of her walking there on the first day of each year, so far here they are 🙂

2014-08-13 09.36.51

Have a great day gorgeous girl

Love Mum


Smitten Saturday

Glasgow Mummy

This week I am smitten with this:

 2013-06-09 13.53.57 2013-06-09 16.21.21 2013-06-09 16.21.50 2013-06-11 08.11.35

Miss Bs topic at school is Fairytale Land and this week she was given the responsibility of looking after Puff the Dragon.  She was given a diary where she had to record what they got up to, so he went with her to gymnastics, chilled out in the sun, had a lunch date and played Moshi Guess Who after school.  Miss B loved taking care of Puff and writing all about their adventures too.

Hope you have all had a great week and the next one is even better!

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