#Project366 – Photo 333


Photo 333

I was at the shops tonight and one item on my list was a birthday present for a boy in Miss Bs class at school.  She has only known him since she started and doesn’t play with him on a daily basis, so when I asked her what he likes she didn’t have a clue.  

I found this tonight in TK Maxx and I was really excited. I used to have Thundercats toys when I was little and would spend hours playing with them. I’ve seen the new version of the cartoon and it sucks! So I’m glad kids can at least still get the good figures 🙂

#Project366 – Photo 331


Photo 331

Tonight I should have been at my graduation for the recent CIPD course that I completed, but work got in the way so I couldn’t go.  When I came home from work at 7:45 Mr B had got me a graduation cap and gown and we opened the Prosecco I was given last week 🙂 He is such a thoughtful guy, I am a lucky lady 🙂

Ching Ching peeps!

#Project366 – Photo 329


Photo 329

Today our family said goodbye to a much loved and incredible woman, my great aunt (Grandpas sister). My Grandpa was 1 of 11 children and there are now only 4 of them left, that’s 3 of them there in the picture, the other is in Australia.

The family all look very alike and Grandpas brother in the middle is his image.  It sent chills down my spine when I saw him this morning since Grandpa passed away 3 and half years ago and they share so many simple mannerisms.

I hope I’m in as good health as them when I reach their ages 🙂