Swimming with Kids

Last week Mr B had a few days off so on Friday we decided to take the kids swimming. Due to the age restrictions I can’t take all 3 on my own, so with Mr B being off I thought it would be a good idea.

I feel really guilty that this is the first time that Little D has been swimming. It’s really awful how time slips away and before you know it months or years have gone by and you haven’t done things you’ve wanted to.

Anyway, at first D was hanging on to his Daddy for dear life, his little chin wobbling with fear and generally just unsure of what the hell was going on. I had Miss C for the first wee while then we swapped and I took him deeper in the water and bobbed him about a bit and he was soon splashing, sticking his face in the water, playing with his sisters and constantly kicking me in the stomach.

Miss C was actually buzzing out of her tights! It’s been over 18 months since she’s been (bad Mummy) and she loved it. The kid has no fear. It’s brill but scary.I’m glad she’s like that though, and I’m going to enrol her in swimming lessons as soon as she is old enough. Being able to swim is such a life skill that I think it’s really important that kids learn as soon as they can. I was also told by the Physiotherapist that swimming could help to strengthen her muscles and help her hypermobility so I really want to try and take her more often and help those wee bendy ankles, knees and hips.

Miss B started swimming lessons in 2012 and she is amazing. She is almost finished all the levels and her couch was talking to her about starting the junior lifeguard programme which she is quite keen to do. She has a lot of activities so we will need to have a look and see what it involves and where she can fit it in.

I can tell you though that taking 3 kids swimming was so tiring. Just getting the 2 wee ones out of the pool, showered, dried and dressed was mental. We went at 9am and it was quiet, so no lack of family changing room or showers and everyone was shattered afterwards that we had a really chilled afternoon.

Hope you all have a good week.


I’m back

Well, it’s been almost a year! Have you missed me?

There has been so much going on since I last blogged that I actually don’t know where to start. My last update was about us being a family of 5 and my birth story. Little D is now 14 months old and life has been a whirlwind since his arrival. He isn’t a great sleeper and hasn’t been since birth so the last year has been rough. Most nights we are lucky to get more than 7 hours, and that’s only been in the last 2-3 months. I’m pinning my hopes on the clocks going forward and him sleeping past 05:30am so we can get some actual sleep!

I have literally had no time to do anything for myself for the last year but I’m slowly starting to feel a bit less hectic and more organised so I really want to try and get back to some regular blogs and putting my thoughts down and recording some of the chaos and madness that goes on in my life.

I am officially a stay at home Mum and juggling 3 kids all at very different stages and running the house is challenging and manic and amazing all at the same time. I am really going to try and keep it going this time and as always, I will be honest about everything. Over the last few months, I’ve posted a few things that people have said to me offline “Oh you should take that down” but I believe in being honest and not sugar coating things. Parenting is hard. End of! My three are amazing and funny and frustrating and infuriating all at different times. Some days by the time Mr B comes home from work I am a wreck, then others it’s been a great day and I’m in full on 50’s housewife mode. There are highs and lows every day and if I can share that and make one person feel that they are not alone then I will be happy.

I’m going to leave you with an up to date look at my wee monkeys.

Miss B is 9.5 and is a full of energy and sass. She is still doing really well at school and has loads of hobbies. This year she took up the flute and she is really good.

Miss C is 2.5 and my little toddling tornado. She is full on and one minute she is bawling, screaming and horrible then two seconds later she is adorable and cuddly and loving. In my house I usually just say #toddler.

Little D is 14 months old. Like I said, he still isn’t a great sleeper but he is better than he was so I can’t complain too much. He is almost walking and loves playing his big sisters. His favourite things at the moment are Teletubbies and eating. He eats EVERYTHING!!!!!

And here is me. I’m probably about a stone heavier than I was the last time I blogged, and I have been more tired that I ever thought possible but here I am.  Still standing, just 🙂




I cannot believe that Miss B is 8 today!

So much has happened in the last year and she has grown in so many ways.

A week after her 7th birthday she started Primary 3, a very important year as it’s the last of the infant department. She loves school and was really fortunate to have another fantastic teacher last year. He was doing his probationary year and had the most amazing way with the kids. Miss B is a little book worm and loves learning and school in general. The teacher they had really sparked her imagination and engaged all the kids in her class. They did a project on Pirates which she loved and they got to visit The Tall Ship in Glasgow and met real pirates and went on a treasure hunt. She got two brilliant school reports and her end of year report made me cry. I’m so proud of her and what she has accomplished in school so far. Long may that continue!

Two weeks after her 7th birthday she became a big sister. I always knew she was going to make a good big sister but I underestimated just how great she would be. She absolutely adores her little sister and is mostly very patient with her. When she was tiny all she wanted to do was cuddle and hold her. Now that she is more mobile she wants to play with her and will spend ages playing toys with her and keeping her amused. She is a great help to me and usually keeps an eye on her while I am preparing meals or getting ready. She loves going in to be the first to wake her sister up in the morning and is always over the moon if she gets her first smile of the day.

She has also come on leaps and bounds in her gymnastics class and with her swimming lessons. She is now in the advanced class at swimming and I’ve been taking her every week during the school holidays. It is amazing watching her, she is like a little mermaid 🙂

She is strong willed, independent, fiesty and determined. She is also really mature for her age and a natural born worrier. I’m trying to help with the worrying because she can get herself into an awful state at times when she starts to over think things and gets in a panic.

Since I’ve been off work we have spent a LOT of time together and I’ve started to realise just how alike we are. We’ve giggled, had fun times, cried, argued and clashed but I keep reminding myself that she is growing up and needs patience, love and understanding.

She is manic about computers and loves going on her computer to play Minecraft on our server with her friends and spends hours building things and setting up new worlds. She is also a big movie fan and loves nothing more than going to the cinema to see a film or to cuddle up on the couch and watch an old favourite. This week I introduced her to Hocus Pocus which she loved so much she watched three times in a row. She loves music and dancing and watched and re-watches The Next Step every other day and copies the routines. Taylor Swift is a big favourite at the moment along with Katy Perry and Little Mix. She is also superhero daft and LOVES The Avengers with Iron Man and Black Widow being particular favourites.

All in all 7 has been pretty great for her and I can’t wait to see what 8 brings her 🙂

As always, here are some pictures of her growing up 🙂

8 Hours


8 Weeks


8 Months


8 Years

2015-06-24 08.45.52-1

Happy 8th birthday beautiful girl, hope you have a great day!

Lots of Love


2014 Round Up

On the whole 2014 has been a great year for my little family but first let’s get the not so great stuff out of the way. We started off with all of us having to go and live at my Mums house for 3 weeks because our boiler got condemned, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be in fairness, kind of like staying in a nice B&B! Then I went through some really awful work stress but came out the other side stronger and much wiser than when I started! My health has also taken a bit of a kick this year, I had gestational diabetes during pregnancy then had an attack of Gall Stones then my Gall Bladder out in December. Thankfully, the negative things this year have been greatly outdone by the positive and so many awesome things have happened and lots of fun times have been had!

There have been lots of new babies including our best friends having twins and my little niece being born at the start of the year. She and Miss B are inseparable and she’s already started terrorising Miss C, so there will be plenty of fun and games to come I’m sure 🙂 The biggest and best part of my year has by far been welcoming Miss C to our family.

My little niece arrived

In February we welcome Emily to the family, the girl is bonkers but I love you wee Stinky Face 🙂

Miss C

This girl just brings me so much joy and had made our little family complete. She makes everyday even more amazing and is such a happy little lady always full of smiles and giggles especially for her big sister who equally adores her. I am one lucky girl.

Fun Times

We have been so lucky this year and had a lot of good fun times together as a family.

2014 was a pretty good year for us and we are ending it on a high.  I know that’s not been the case for a lot of people I love and care about so I hope that 2015 brings good luck, love and happiness to each and every one of you because you deserve it.


Then There Were Four

Well we are now a family of 4 after our recent new arrival.  I’ve been asked loads about the birth etc so thought I would blog about it now I have some time on my hands (more on that later)

Baby B was due on the 28th August and due to my Gestational Diabetes we discussed me being induced early to make sure the baby wasn’t massive and neither of us was at any risk due to his/her size.  So when I went along to one of my routine appointments the consultant who was looking after me gave me a date of Friday 22nd August to go in.  The plan was that I would go in on the Friday night about 8pm, be induced on Saturday morning and see what happened from there.  We didn’t tell anyone other than my Mum because she was looking after Miss B and so I got planning. I arranged for the three of us to go out for dinner on our own to one of our favourite places and Miss B thought we were going to the cinema and she was having a sleep over at Gugs.  Aunty Eileen came and collected her from the restaurant and Mr B and I made our way to the hospital.

When I got there I was taken to a bed and met with a lovely midwife who sat and had a chat with us about what was going to happen. She had a look at my notes from the clinic and decided to take a look and see if there had been any movement and if that was the case she was going to get things moving. Before I knew what was happening, I was in a labour room having my waters broken! It was the strangest sensation lying there in the bed with my waters flooding out! The first time round they went naturally so it was really odd.  I was told she would give me an hour to see what I could do on my own and then get me on the drip. So Mr B and I were on our own again.  At this point I put my playlist on, I had been working hard for weeks making up my labour playlist and making sure that it was full of my favourite songs and songs that meant something to me.  The midwife came back in about half an hour later and was laughing at me dancing round the room in my jammies trying to keep my mind off things 🙂

After just over an hour she came back in and started me on the drip, it was really strange again because last time I was walking around and Mr B and I were pretty much left to our own devices but this time I was attached to a drip and stuck to the bed.  I managed on my own for about an hour or so and then asked for some gas and air. My contractions were all over the place and we were trying to get them under control and in some kind of regular pattern (I don’t think my dancing and singing was helping at this point, I blame Stevie Wonder). Finally my contractions got into a decent pattern and I was in full blown labour.  The whole experience flew past in a blur and the labour was just over 3 hours from start to finish. I remember asking for something stronger and I was given a shot of diamorphine and some anti-sickness drugs, then it was go time.

The midwife took the gas and air pipe from me and told me it was time to start pushing, and I did and less than 3 minutes later our gorgeous new bundle entered the world.  My labour was great but there was some drama 11 hours later which I will blog about later as it’s still quite emotional to talk about and I’ve been pretty poorly since too, but that’s also a post for another night.

Here are some pictures leading up to the introduction of Miss C:

Our last picture as a family of three

2014-08-22 19.16.11

My last bump picture

2014-08-22 22.22.17

Our first picture just after she was born (sorry for the tear stained face, I was really emotional)

2014-08-23 02.51.42

Having a wee cuddle with Daddy

2014-08-23 04.42.16

Meet Miss C 🙂

2014-08-23 10.39.40-2

With her big sister.

It’s fair to say that I always knew what a great big sister Miss B would make, but I think I genuinely underestimated just how amazing she would be. She is so loving and caring and can’t do enough for her little sister. Even when she is crying or making lots of noise, Miss B just gets on with it and loves cuddling into her as much as she can. She is relishing in her role as big sister and loves her wee sis to bits 🙂 Long may that continue!!

2014-08-25 17.35.24 2014-08-29 17.05.47 2014-09-18 15.45.40-22014-10-17 19.58.30-12014-11-04 07.40.482014-11-24 15.52.28

Miss C is a very placid baby and if she isn’t sleeping she’s smiling. It’s amazing how much joy a new baby can bring to a  family, but she just fills me with happiness every day and I am so thankful that I have two happy and healthy little girls in my life. It was my worry before she was born about how she would fit into our family routine as what we has in place worked so well, but she has fallen into a fantastic pattern and thankfully it has all fallen into place.

2014-08-30 21.43.56  2014-10-03 19.06.42  2014-10-06 21.53.33 2014-11-22 20.04.48 2014-11-01 17.23.37-1  2014-11-26 14.29.36

I am really looking forward to our first Christmas as a family of four and can’t wait for all the other amazing things that are coming up soon.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment and I leave you with the song that Miss C was born to 🙂


Back to School

Miss B and the majority of kids in Scotland are back to school today.  The last 7 weeks have flown in but I’ve got to spent some quality time with my girl.  It really seems like yesterday that she was starting her first day of Primary school.

This morning she was up at 7 and in bed beside us chatting away about how excited she was to be back at school. I must say she doesn’t take after me in that department, I hated school and dreaded going every single day.  I’m so happy she loves school so much and actively encourage her to do the best she can.

I decided on her first day to take a picture of her walking there on the first day of each year, so far here they are 🙂

2014-08-13 09.36.51

Have a great day gorgeous girl

Love Mum


Size Matters

When I went to my booking in appointment at 12 weeks I had a chat with the midwife about previous pregnancies and we discussed Miss B, her delivery, size and weight etc.  She was 6lbs 12oz and very long and has stayed that way. I must admit I was really surprised when the midwife wanted to refer me to a consultant because she was worried I might be having a “tiny” baby, nobody ever told me that Miss B was under sized or concerning so it didn’t make any sense.

A few weeks later I went to see the Consultant who was really bewildered as to why I had been referred because Miss Bs birth weight was perfectly normal.  She was more than happy at her weight and my history but told me I could get a growth scan at the end of the pregnancy to put my mind at ease (I would like to point out that I wasn’t worried in the slightest)!

Then skip to Week 29 where I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes which I blogged about here and the midwives were worried about me having a bigger baby.

I had a scan three weeks ago and the baby was measuring on the 95th percentile and weighed approximately 5lbs 5oz which was large but not worryingly so. I got some advice from the medical professionals and the Diabetic Consultant decided to start me on Metaformin to help keep the baby on an even keel.  The consultants are still really happy with my diet control but the tablets are just to maintain the size of the baby and to stop excessive growth.

Last week I had a surprise trip to the day clinic when I wasn’t feeling as much movement as usual. I went up to the local hospital and the midwife asked me to wait while they were finishing with another patient and she would get me on the monitor.  About 15 minutes later she came back and sent me through to the Sonographer who was finished for the day and decided to check me over.  There was a very strong heartbeat and plenty of wriggling going on so she was happy but she took some measurements and said it looked as if the baby hadn’t grown for two weeks.  The midwife then put me on a trace and the heartbeat and movement was all fine too so nothing to worry about.  She then called the Consultant at my maternity hospital who asked to see me this week for a growth scan to see what was going on.

I went along yesterday and was scanned again, all measurements are good and the baby is approximately 6lbs 15oz.  When they plotted it on the chart, he/she is still on the 95th percentile and where they would expect at this stage.  The blood flow in the cord was perfect and the fluid around the baby is good and healthy so no worries there, the baby is definitely growing.  The next stage is for me to keep controlling my diabetes with diet and the Metformin then I have another scan in a few weeks where we will review the scans and make a decision about whether to induce early or not, if they do it will only by one week so not the end of the world.

Now we just have a waiting game, I have reduced the stress that I was suffering from thankfully and feel much happier with everything.  I have pretty much everything organised and ready so now it’s time for feet up and spending some quality time with Miss B before our new, possible early arrival.

There’s been a lot of information to take in over the last few weeks, and the midwives have gone from being concerned the baby is too small to now being too big.  All I care about is that he/she arrives safely for both our sakes and I will do whatever I can to help that.


Here’s a pic of Wee/Big Baby B 🙂

2014-07-17 13.46.06




Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

This pregnancy has absolutely flown in and I am so lucky that I’ve had no problems or concerns other than a bit of hip pain.  In fact, up until a few weeks ago it has pretty much mirrored my pregnancy with Miss B which was great.

A few months ago at a routine ante-natal appointment my midwife spoke to me about going for a Glucose Tolerance Test since my Bmi was a little high.

I was given an appointment and off I went.  I had to fast from midnight and was sent to my local hospital where I had blood taken.  Well, I say I had blood taken.  My veins are notoriously bad and seem to go into hiding whenever a needle comes anywhere near them.   I told the midwife who insisted that she would get blood with no problem.  She tried from my arm with no luck, then a butterfly needle in the back of my hand, again with no luck then she called over another midwife who tried to  get it from the side of my hand, which resulted in a blown vein.  At that point she was freaking out the girl next to me so also had trouble with her bloods so she called in an expert.  A short wait later, and thankfully this lovely man managed to get all the blood they needed from just above my thumb on his first try.  I was then given a glucose drink and a cup of water and left for two hours to make it do it’s thing.  After the two hours my bloods were taken again, thankfully by the lovely Nurse again, and I went back to work.

A few hours later I got a call from the midwife to say that unfortunately my levels had returned at 8.8 and since they had moved the threshold the day before, I was now to be treated for gestational diabetes.  She told me that I would be called later that day by Diabetic Nurse who would talk me through the next steps.  I was contacted by a lovely girl called Lucy who gave me an appointment to see her a few days later.  I went along and was given a blood glucose monitor and shown how to use it.  I have to admit to feeling a little stupid because I have no idea how it all worked, but Lucy was great and made sure I was happy and comfortable with what I had to do.  I hadn’t had breakfast yet so we carried out my first test and she was happy with my level of 4.7 (my levels should be between 4 and 6).  I was given a sheet with instructions just in case I forgot anything then I was sent off to the GP surgery to get a prescription for needles and testing strips and was given an appointment for the diabetic specialist at the local maternity hospital.  And so it began, I need to test my blood sugar before every meal and then before bed and keep it in a diary.

I went along last week to the maternity hospital and was seen by so many different people that my head hurt by the end of it.  I was first seen by a lovely midwife who checked me over and did all my stats, which were all good and we had a listen to the baby’s heartbeat which was lovely and strong.  I was then seen by a diabetic nurse who looked over my diary and checked my bloods and urine to make sure everything was ok, she was happy with what she saw.  Next I saw an Obstetrician who talked me over diabetes and how it can affect your baby and that we would try diet control first before looking at any medication.  Next up was a Diabetic Consultant who talked me through diabetes and how it all worked and how diet control should keep me on an even keel and hopefully, since I only had 10 weeks to go, we might just get away without the need for medication.  Finally I spent some time with a Dietician that absolutely frazzled my head!  When I said earlier that I had no idea how it all worked I wasn’t lying.  She talked me through carbs and how they turn to glucose and what I need to look out for and how to split down what I was eating on a daily basis.  I never eat healthier than when I’m pregnant so was glad that she approved of my food diary and what I has been eating.  She sent me on my way with so much information that my head was swimming but Mr B was with me and he took in a lot more than I did.

For the last week I’ve been obsessing about carbs and sugar contents in food and kept a really strict control of how many carbs I’ve been having at each meal and for snacks.  The first few days were strange but I got in to a pattern and was happy that I had a good handle on it all.

I was back at hospital this morning where I was seen again but the whole list of people above and they were all happy with my control and grasp of the diabetes.  I also got another scan and we were lucky to see Wee Baby B again, however, this time Miss B got to come too.  She has been so excited all week about seeing her baby and the appointment didn’t disappoint.  She was fascinated watching the screen while the Sonographer was taking the measurements and looking and listening to everything.  Miss B was handed the pictures at the end which she carried around like a prized possession, it was very sweet.

After the scan I went to see the Obstetrician again who, after checking all my results over, decided to start me on Metformin as a precaution.  The baby is currently on the 95% percentile and they want it to stay that way, so the medication along with my control of the diabetes should do the trick.

After my appointment I took Miss B to visit my Mum and she very proudly showed her the scan picture, pointing out everything and telling her what she had seen.  “This is my baby’s nose and eyes and you should have seen it wriggling on the screen, it was awesome”.  She is so ready to be a big sister and can’t wait for the baby to arrive, it’s really lovely.

So far we are all organised apart from the final clearing and cleaning of the bedroom but I’m not stressing about it and it will get done over the next few weeks.  Our new crib and cot/bed mattress came too so all I need to buy is an Isofix for the car and we are good to go.

I have been under a lot of stress lately but thankfully that now seems to be under control too so I’m now just trying to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and get organised for the baby coming.

This is my wee pal, four times a day!

2014-06-26 18.34.51

Long time, no chat

Hello everyone

Sorry it’s been so long, there’s been a LOT going on here and my poor blog has been left out in the cold. As well as being seriously busy, if I’m honest, I kind of fell out of love with blogging.  I’ve never claimed to be a writer, far from it but this blog is for me, somewhere to record what’s going on in my life and I just got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  I feel refreshed and ready to start again.

So there has been some big changes in our family over the last few months.  By the start of December we had the decorating in the house finished right on schedule for Christmas.  We had a lovely family time over the holidays and lots of lovely days out too.  In February I became an Aunty to Little E, who has very quickly become a big part of the family and Miss B absolutely adores her. Which is good given that the biggest news is that later this year we will become a family of 4 🙂

Baby B is due at the end of August and we are all seriously excited about it.  So far this pregnancy has pretty much mirrored my last, I’ve had no morning sickness at all which is good and I’m keeping really well apart from tiredness.  I’ve had some hip pain and I had some sciatica which thankfully seems to have passed.  Everyone I’ve spoken to with more that one child tells me that your second pregnancy flies in and so far that’s my observation too 🙂

It was always the plan to have more children so we have kept everything belonging to Miss B so there is very little I need to buy. I needed a new pram because the old one weighted a tonne and wouldn’t fit in my boot, so I went on a mission to find something suitable.  After lots of researching I finally found one that I liked and fit my needs and it’s here and ready to go.  Our spare room is very pink at the moment and my plan was to decorate it in neutral tones for the baby but after chatting with my sister, I’ve decided to wait and see if Baby B is a he or a she before redecorating since Baby B will be in our room for the first few months anyway.

Exciting times ahead and I’m so looking forward to having a new addition to the family 🙂

Things still to get and looking for suggestions for a cot bed mattress, crib, Isofix for car seat and a changing bag.


Miss B and Little E

2014-04-22 19.17.22

Miss B and Tat trying out the pram

2014-04-01 19.26.22

Helping me make a Carrot Cake

2014-04-10 16.15.59


September Weekend Part 1

This weekend is a Scottish holiday so Mr B and I took Friday off to make the most of it.

Friday we all had a chilled out morning then went to run some errands, stopped off at Cafe Rico for some lunch before going to meet some friends at Cafe Ceramico for a play date where Miss B painted a lovely jewellery box for herself.

Our weather has been all over the place the last few weeks and today was no exception.  When I got up at 7:45 it was freezing and foggy so I was expecting it to be chilly.  Our usual Saturday consists of taking Miss B to swimming lessons first thing, shops, play dates and a lot of running about.  Since this is a holiday weekend I tried not to have it too jam packed with activities because I think we all need a rest so today we had swimming as usual and I promised Miss B that I would take her to the park if the weather was ok and thankfully it was.  She asked to take her bike, so off we went to the local big park where she cycled the wee legs off herself.  It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day and we even ended up eating ice creams at the park 🙂

Here are some pics of our weekend so far:

2013-09-27 17.33.29

Park Adventures

2013-09-28 15.20.16 HDR 2013-09-28 15.20.20 2013-09-28 15.28.54 HDR 2013-09-28 15.30.10 2013-09-28 15.30.52 2013-09-28 15.31.42 2013-09-28 15.32.56 2013-09-28 15.33.14 2013-09-28 15.38.34 HDR 2013-09-28 15.39.07 HDR

I’ve got a nice surprise for Miss B tomorrow but will update about it later in the weekend. Hope you are all having a fab time no matter what you get up to.