2011 Round Up

Well as I sit here typing this and looking back over the whole year, I can’t believe how much has happened, here is a list of some of the highlights:


  • Turning 30 in January and having a big party to celebrate
  • Lots of travelling for work especially in the last 3 months – it’s been mental!
  • Saw Russell Howard live and he was awesome
  • There have been sickness bugs and illness galore in here this year, mostly for me
  • The gorgoeus Mini Mr Tonner was born in April 
  • Mr B was in Cosmo, that’s right, my husband was in Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • Miss B turned 4 and we are now on the countdown to her starting school in 2012
  • Mr B reconnected with family he didn’t know existed and we are now lucky to an extended family
  • Saw Take That in the summer and they were brilliant
  • Bartini was launched, an amazing business run and owed by an amazing friend
  • Surviving Hurricane Bawbag, driving from Aberdeen to Inverness in it was a little hairy 
  • Miss B started gymnsatics and even though she struggles to know her left from right at times she loves it
  • Started night school to get my HR qualifications
  • Lots of family days out, spending real quality time together playing games 
  • I took up photography and tbh with all that’s been going on this year haven’t done as much as I wanted to, I plan to rectify that in 2012
  • Lost some weight, put on some weight and finally realised that although I do need to shift some weight, I am happy with who I am and it’s not the end of the world