Egg Allergy

I’ve posted about Miss Cs food allergies before and a few of them snuck up and gave us a surprise. When I started weaning her brother I was particularly vigilant to make sure there were no reactions. All allergies react differently, it could be a rash, hives, vomiting, gas, the trots and some cases even anaphylaxis.

When I was weaning I would give the same food at least 2 days in a row to see if there was any reaction. The first food that caused a reaction was lentils. I had made a lentil and vegetable puree and after he ate it he had a rash around his mouth which looked a bit like prickly heat. I gave him more the next day and he instantly got the rash again.

A few weeks later I had made his sister some dairy free scrambled egg made with almond milk and within 5 minutes he was refusing to eat, his skin was all red and blotchy and he was scratching like crazy. I stopped giving him the egg and watched him for 5 mins to see if that was the only reaction. He seemed to be getting itchier and all of a sudden his breathing seemed laboured. I decided to give him some antihistamine and phoned Mr B who was working locally just incase I had to take him to the hospital. As soon as I gave him the Piriton he was sick but thankfully it seemed to do it’s job and his breathing went back to normal after 10 mins and the rash started to fade.

I wasn’t sure what it was that he had reacted to, it could have been the eggs or the almond milk and I knew from experience that I would have to give him eggs again without the almond milk to rule it out. I left it a few weeks and gave him scrambled egg with cows milk and he had the same reaction. I treated it with Piriton again and he was fine.

We have been avoiding egg and to be honest, we haven’t really had that much of an issue. Most of his food is made from scratch by me and if I do need to buy anything then I just need to check the ingredients.

Yesterday I made his sister scrambled egg for lunch and as always, I made sure that everything I used was kept away from his plate and utensils. All was well, she ate her egg, he ate his sandwich and his peach. Miss C decided to help her brother and gave him a few bits then started dancing round about him. I was clearing up when I noticed he was scratching his chest so I went to have a look and saw that he was red and covered in hives. I couldn’t figure out what had happened then realised that Miss C must have had remnants of egg on her hands when she touched the fruit. Again, within a few minutes his breathing started to become laboured and he was clawing at himself. I gave him some Piriton and cleared everything away and cleaned his chair and tray just incase there was anymore there.

When you are dealing with your kids allergies you usually know what to look out for and what kind of reaction to expect. Certainly with Miss C we know what happens when she reacts to different foods but we have never had any kind of reaction like this. I need to make sure I always have a bottle of Piriton in my bag at all times and I am going to speak to the allergy specialist who we are going to see on Friday for Miss C and enquire if we can get him tested to make sure we are managing his needs properly.

Here are pics of yesterdays reaction:




Over the last few weeks, Miss C has been a classic example of a toddler. One minute she is sweetness personified, all hugs and kisses and playing nicely with her brother and sister. Then in the blink of an eye she turns into a tantruming monster.

Tonight after her bath she was reading books and playing with her toys while I sorted her brother and then it began. Tantrums, screaming, screeching, exorcist style shrieking. I honestly feel like I’ve gone 10 rounds and been knocked out by a 2.5ft tornado!!!

I keep trying to remind myself that it’s just a phase and it won’t last forever but it’s bloody hard! Miss Bs terrible twos lasted for about 3 weeks so I think the universe is making sure we get our fair share of them. It also doesn’t help that I only had 3 hours sleep last night, my insomnia is back with a vengeance just now and I really need some sleep because my patience has been ground down until it’s gone!!!

So for now I will try and keep calm, count to 10 over and over and keep telling myself that it’s just a phase.

It’s just a phase, It’s just a phase……



Anyone need some cotton wool?

I was reading this article over the weekend about a parent who was so over protective she made her little boy wear a helmet.

WARNING – below is a sensitive subject and some people may find it upsetting.

We have ongoing teasing in our house because Mr B is pretty protective of Miss B and I give her more free reign. Last week we were having dinner with my Mum and we were talking about our childhood antics and the some of the stories he was telling her were making her toes curl. He was free and crazy and your typical 80’s child that would go out and play for hours on end, build things, jump off them and spent most of his time out on his BMX.

I can understand where this parent is coming from. She suffered 2 miscarriages so when her little boy finally arrived she wanted to protect him from everything. It was around this time 7 years ago that I fell pregnant for the first time. Mr B and I were really excited and couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news. My Mum was very cautious and told me I should wait until my 12 week scan before telling anyone but I was too excited and we told everyone we cared about. When I was about 9 weeks pregnant I started bleeding. It was a Sunday night so I called the out of hours number and was told I would need to wait until the morning to call back and get an appointment to go up and get a scan. That night was the longest of my life, as much as I tried I couldn’t sleep and deep down inside I knew that the baby was gone. I got the scan the next morning and the midwife confirmed that I had miscarried. I was devastated, Mr B was devastated. A few months later when I fell pregnant with Miss B I was understandably scared of it happening again but thankfully I was well looked after and reassured by Mr B, family and the midwives I dealt with. The more I read the article, the more I realised that once Miss B arrived I was more relaxed, it was during my pregnancy that I was a nervous wreck. I suppose once she was here and safe I could relax.  I love that she tries new experiences and is fearless, that’s how I think kids should be.

So what about you? What is your philosophy with your little ones? Are you overprotective or give them free reign?

I think you just need to do what makes you feel comfortable for your own littles and try not to care what other people think, as hard as it may be at times.


Death, a Fascination

Miss B has been talking a lot about death lately.

When my Grandpa passed away Miss B was a few months off turning 2 so she didn’t really understand what had happened.  She adored him and would ask about him all the time.  I’m of the mindset of not lying to her but I also believe my responses need to be age appropriate,  she doesn’t need to know ALL the details.  She knows that he was old and sick, too sick for the doctors to help him any more and that he went to heaven.  He was buried and she has been to the grave yard to visit him, she calls this his “Special Stone”.

She talks to him all time, I find her looking above her and chatting to him about things going on in her life.  A few days ago she was at a party and brought a balloon home with her, I found her using it like a crystal ball and she told me that she could see him in heaven and he was talking to her other Great-Grandpa.  She knows that everyone dies at some point and we don’t know when or how it will happen and it’s just part of life.  We talk about death and life and heaven and I find having open and honest conversations is a healthy way to deal with it.

Last weekend she asked me what will happen to her when I die and I told her that hopefully it won’t happen for a long time but if it did she would have her Daddy.  She laughed at me and said “Don’t be silly Mummy, Dad will die before you, he’s older”.  Just when you think she’s got it figured out, you realise that she is only 5 🙂