Miss C is 4!

I honestly feel like I’ve blinked and the last year has flown in and here we are again. Miss C is 4 and here is a bit about her.

Things She Likes

Her Siblings

She and Little D are still best buds. When she started nursery last year he was so lost without her and when we picked her up they would run at each other and were so happy to be reunited. They play so well together and she is still really protective of him. They fight over the same toys and she bosses him around like an old nagging woman but as he’s started to push back she’s become more patient and much better at sharing.

She has a funny relationship with her big sister. One minute they are best friends and the next they can’t look at each other just like most sisters I suppose. When they are playing nice, life is wonderful but when they aren’t it can be hellish.

Music and Dancing

She is still going to street dance class and she loves it. She’s been in 2 shows and amazed us all with her confidence standing up there in front of so many people while she struts her stuff.

She loves music and we always have some on in the background. Her ability to retain lyrics is scary and she’s been able to operate Alexa for a while so loves doing that.


She is a big film fan. She will happily watch the same films over and over again and is word perfect on the scripts. Some of her favourites are Zombies, Coco, Descendants, Tangled, Monsters inc, Hotel Transylvania and Toy Story to name but a few.


She loves sunglasses and handbags. Last year for her birthday she was given a Toy Story backpack which she regularly fills up with her favourite things and walks about like Dora the Explorer.


She is still a big foodie and despite her food allergies she will eat anything put down in front of her. Over the last year I’ve let her do some more cooking and get more involved which she really enjoys. Her favourite dinner is slow cooked Chicken and Chorizo stew and is really good at making it herself.

Being a Joker

She is always the one in the picture pulling the funny face or sticking out her tongue and generally causing a riot. She has the funniest laugh and a really good sense of humour. She is going through a very funny phase at the moment and is a total unconscious comedienne.


She started the day after her third birthday and was so ready for it. She is a clever wee cookie and has really thrived since she started. She loves role play, playing a teacher in particular, and reading her pupils stories. Her number recognition is fantastic as is her comprehension. She’s had to learn to take her time and slow down a bit which doesn’t surprise me because her nickname is The Tornado!

Stuff She Doesn’t Like

She is so head strong and the last wee while has been hard going and she has been pushing back and testing the boundaries. The threenager has well and truly moved in but thankfully the tantrums have calmed down in the last month and it’s now just the hormones to deal with. Everything seems to be the end of the world, and some times we have full blown tears and snotters over nothing. It’s all a phase though so I just got to get through it.

So Happy 4th Birthday to my little firecracker. You are kind, funny, loving, head strong, caring, well mannered and fiesty and please just keep being yourself because you are amazing!

Love Mum xxx

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Miss B is Eleven! 

No, not the wee lassie from Stranger Things but an actual 11 year old!

This year seems to have flown in and lots has changed for her. She is 100% in tween territory and some days she is an emotional wreck then others she is huffy and hormonal then delightful and loving. Kids eh!

Things she’s been upto

Learning the flute

She started learning the flute 18 months ago and last year saved up and bought one so she could continue her lessons. She has taken part in a concert held by the high school she will attend for the last 2 years and loved it. Shes grown so much in confidence and really enjoys it. She was absolutely brilliant and seems to have a natural flair for music. One of the songs she learned was Havana and given that it’s one of the boys favourite songs, she was a bit of a hero round here.

Joined the Guides

She joined the Brownies about 2 years ago and really enjoyed her time there. She went to a camp last summer and had the time of her life. When she went back in August she was spoken to about joining the Guides because at the grand old age of 10 she was officially too old to be a Brownie (how rude). She was a bit hesitant at first because she had a great bunch of friends and her wee cousin was there too and she didn’t want to leave them. We had a chat about it and went along to a Guide information night and after that she was really excited to start. She went along and immediately loved it and was desperate to get a uniform. They are on holiday at the moment but back in a few weeks and she is raring to go again.

Big Sister Duty

She was an only child for 7 years and people kept telling us how she would struggle to share everything with a sibling, never mind 2 of them. I can honestly tell you that she was a natural big sister straight away. She needs to try and be more patient with her little sister although to be fair she is pretty challenging at the moment. The wee ones both adore her but her brother in particular seems to have a soft spot for her. She loves to read them stories, play with Lego, do jigsaws, dancing, singing and gymnastics. A current favourite activity is recreating The Greatest Showman, The Descendants 2 and Zombies.

Gymnastics and Swimming

She has now completed all her advanced swimming certificates and started the Club Ready programme which is to ensure she is ready for joining the competitive swimming club. She is still undecided about joining a club but she also has the option to learn to be a Junior Lifeguard. I think she is going to go for this because she was talking about being able to be a lifeguard for a job when she’s older.

She has also really progressed in gymnastics she still doesn’t just walk anywhere, always cartwheeling or flipping all over the place and how she hasn’t done herself an injury is beyond me!


She will be starting Primary 7 in 10 days. Her final year of primary school is about to begin, I swear she only started a few months ago!! She knows who her teacher for next year is and she is happy to get going. Her uniform has been ironed and ready to go since the end of June and she packed her bag a few weeks ago. She loves school and we encourage her as much as possible. Long may that continue!

I am really proud of who she is growing up to be and the person she is becoming. She is polite, well mannered and I can take her anywhere. She is funny and smart and we can have really important and heartfelt conversations then giggle like crazy when I intentionally get the words to songs wrong just to wind her up. She is growing up and is emotionally mature but still has a nice balance of just being a kid too. Miss B, I love you, please stay awesome 🙂

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