Vegan Vanilla Cake

When I found out the boy was allergic to eggs I wasn’t overly concerned. Having dealt with his sisters allergies for the previous few years I was confident I knew what I was doing. Obviously he wouldn’t be having scrambled or dippy eggs but as always there are hidden ingredients in things where you wouldn’t expect.

One thing I didn’t think about was cake. We’ve always tried to hang off giving the kids sweet stuff too early but as it was coming up to his first birthday I knew I had to do some research. I had a look around and the majority of responses pointed me in the direction of a Depression Cake, so called because it was made during the depression when there was rationing and cake ingredients were scarce.

I made the chocolate cake which was egg and dairy free and it was really nice although quite heavy. It had the consistency of chocolate brownies and it tasted lovely.

With the boys birthday coming up again I decided to look for a vanilla cake recipe, because to me there’s nothing nicer than a vanilla birthday cake.

I had a look around and found lots of different recipes and read through reviews and opinions until I settled on this one.

Since I’ve never made it before I decided to do a trial run and today used the recipe, halving the quantities, to make cupcakes.

They were really simple to make and I didn’t need any special ingredients, everything was all ready in the baking box. I substituted the butter for dairy free Vitalite and the whole milk for Almond Milk so it was dairy free too.

I got the girls involved in making them and they had a lot of fun, especially licking the bowl at the end. Everyone was eager to try them so while they were still hot we all tried one. They were absolutely delicious and got a thumbs up from everyone. When I make his actual birthday cake I’ll document it for you all but I would recommend this recipe for anyone looking for vegan cakes.

Big thanks to Mommy’s Home Cooking for letting me link it up.


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