A letter to Miss B

Today you are seven. I have no idea how that happened! It really feels like yesterday Daddy and I brought you home from hospital.  You were teeny tiny when you were born, with a gorgeous mop of hair and the cutest little nose.  Straight away everyone said you were Daddys double but I still can’t see it, I think you just look like you.

You’ve had a brilliant year, here are some of the exciting things that have happened:

  • Went for afternoon tea at very posh places
  • Went to the carnival
  • Became a big cousin
  • Got an award at school for 100% attendance again
  • Got two excellent school reports
  • Tried teppanyaki for the first time and loved it
  • Went on your first foreign holiday
  • Learned how to play Magic the Gathering
  • Learned how to make loom bands
  • Got slightly addicted to Monster High and Ever After High
  • Made bread and even made rolls for your packed lunch
  • Made your first carrot cake
  • Had lots of lovely days out with your friends
  • Moved into the big bedroom and it’s now a very grown up girls room
  • Got your first computer
  • Got your very own Elf on the Shelf, which got up to lots of mischief
  • Achieved 4 new badges and a medal at gymnastics
  • Broke your finger
  • We went to Legoland and you and Dad were only a *teeny* bit excited about it
  • Went to the Commonwealth Games Rhythmic Gymnastics and you decided you want to represent your country one day
  • Found out that you are going to be a big sister 🙂

Things you love at the moment:

  • Your little cousin Emily
  • Your Gug, you missed her so much when she went on holiday in the summer
  • Lego games on the Xbox
  • Lego Rock band, you like to play the drums and sing
  • Building Lego
  • Watching Monster High and Ever After High on You Tube
  • Watching make up tutorials (too early for that!)
  • Making videos for You Tube which made Daddy and I smile for hours
  • Music, you are like a little human jukebox and always seem to know all the words to songs I barely know
  • School, you are desperate to get back and start P3 and learn everything you can
  • Your friends, you are such a sociable little girl and we have a constant stream of kids at the door for you
  • People, you are so empathetic and switched on to other peoples feelings. It makes me so proud of how much you care for others
  • Books, you are a little book worm and constantly have your nose in one. Definitely something you and Dad have in common
  • Winding me up! You and Dad take great pleasure in teaming up to torment the life out of me!

Daddy and I are so proud of you and we know you are going to be a fantastic big sister when the time comes.  Hope you have an amazing day gorgeous girl.

Love always


7 Hours Old


7 Days Old

Car seat

7 Weeks Old


7 Months Old


7 Years Old

2014-08-05 23.42.05




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