Firsts And Lasts

Today is the last day of the school year here in Scotland, so Miss B is finishing up for 7.5 weeks of holidays.

She’s had another great year academically and has had great reports in all areas. She has always done well in school but two areas she’s been working really hard on are spelling and handwriting. It’s fair to say that she isn’t a natural speller so she has really been putting in the effort to get better. 

We’ve also noticed that when it comes to test situations she goes into panic mode and forgets everything she’s learned. Unfortunately she gets this from me, it never mattered how much I had studied or prepared, as soon as I was put in a formal exam situation my brain left the building so we will need to work on some coping mechanisms for her to help.

She’s also done really well out side of school too. She started taking flute lessons in October and really flourished. So much so she is saving her birthday money to buy one and has asked to keep the lessons up next year. She’s also done well with her swimming and gymnastics too, gaining more awards, badges and certificates. But more importantly skills and confidence.

Speaking of confidence she made me so proud when she tackled a couple of wee dudes who were giving her stick. She said she felt sick to the stomach but wasn’t going to let them away with being horrible about her. She marched over to them to find out what the problem was, she soon realised that they were just wee eejits but I’m so proud she had the confidence to do that.

I’m looking forward to having her around for the next couple of months and hoping that spending some quality time with her little sister will help them to stop fighting although this is more likely wishful thinking!

Dad and I are really proud of you and everything you’ve achieved in Primary 5, enjoy the summer and I can’t wait to see what you get upto in P6!

First and last day of Primary 5

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