Smitten Saturday

Glasgow Mummy

This week I am smitten with this:

2013-06-07 19.06.082013-06-07 19.06.30

This week we are guinea pig sitting for my littlest sister, his name is Chuck and if you look really closely you will see him on the towel on Miss Bs knee.  We looked after him a few months ago and he was really jumpy and scared of everything but he has calmed down a lot since and was really happy to be out running round my hall and having cuddles.  It’s kind of got me in the mood to get another pet but thankfully I am allergic to him so I’ve been wheezing and sniffing all week, which trust me, is a good thing 🙂

Why not join Glasgow Mummys link up and tell us what you are smitten with too.





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