Liebster Award Post


I was tagged by @Glasgow_Mummy from Glasgow Mummy to take part in a meme.

The rules for the meme are:

  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions that have been asked
  • Ask 11 questions
  • Tag 11 other bloggers to participate

11 facts

  1. I am a huge fan of Doctor Who 
  2. I love my own company and like nothing more than having some me time
  3. I spoke to Sting when I was 10 on Going Live
  4. I LOVE Ant and Dec and have done since I was 12 🙂
  5. I am scarily determined and when I want something I work really hard to get it
  6. My Mr B was in Cosmo
  7. I got a personalised birthday message from 2 very famous people thanks to Mr B and the power of Twitter
  8. I love social media and I think I’m slightly addicted to Twitter and Facebook
  9. I like doing housework and take lots of pride in my house and we’re currently going through Operation “Get this house into Gear”
  10. I started wearing make up out of necessity after I had Miss B and developed Rosacea
  11. My all time favourite film is Dirty Dancing
11 questions for me

1. Have you ever been pulled over by the traffic police?

No, and the thought of that fills me with fear. I’m too much of a goody two shoes 🙂

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Honestly, I love living in Scotland and would not want to be anywhere else

3. What is your favourite flavour of crisps?

Pickled Onion, each and every time

4. What’s the last movie you watched?


5. What is your favourite thing to wear?

My jammies, specifically my cow print

6. What does your last text message say?

“No problem toots”

7. What were you doing at 12 noon yesterday?


8. What is your most treasured memory?

Giving birth to Miss B

9. What do you think is the single best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

Saying yes to Mr B when he proposed

10. Do you have a pet?

No, we had 2 cats but I ended up highly allergic to them and even though it broke my heart, we had to re-home them

11. What is on your bedside table?

A lamp.

11 questions from me
  1. What is your prized possession?
  2. What one thing would you change about yourself and why?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  4. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  5. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  6. What is your favourite film of all time?
  7. Who is the most famous person you have ever met/spoken to?
  8. Have you ever been arrested?
  9. Where was your last holiday?
  10. If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
  11. What do you spent your time on that you really shouldn’t?
11 bloggers

1. Susan at
2. Blondie at Transatlantic Blonde
3. Dawn at The Moiderer
4. Mummy’s Knee
5. Laura at AWNTYM
6. Fiona at Coombe Mill
7. Elaine at Fun as a Gran
8. Heidi at Heidi Roberts
9. Dawn at The Dawn Report
10. Karen at The House of DIY
11. Bryony at Love Bryony

Your turn


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Post”

  1. Thank you for the tag. Sting was at his height of fame when I was 10, I think I would have fainted with excitement! With you all the way on Dirty Dancing, great fairy tale ending film. I think I must be a very curious person as I love reading these facts! I was sure I had already done this meme and in fact I have back in 2011, it has changed a bit: I think it may have included this one along the way anyway I will try my best to write an update with your lovely tag.


  2. Really interesting answers. Thanks for taking part 🙂
    I love Scotland too, although as a youngster I lived in the Middle East for a year and a half so I’ve experienced living in a different country once.


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