The Next Big Step

Miss B starts school tomorrow and Mr B is really struggling with it while I have mixed emotions.

On one hand she is ready for school, soooo ready.  She is smart, literate, socialable and pretty advanced for her age.  I know she will be happy at school and take the transition in her stride.

On the other hand I am not in a panic about her moving on and reaching her next major milestone so why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I’m not nervous about it all?

I love Miss B with all my heart but she isn’t a baby any more and I treat her like the smart, intelligent, 5 year old that she is.  I have no want to keep her like a baby either, so does that make me a bad parent?  

People keep asking me if I’m alright or upset. Honestly? No  It doesn’t mean I don’t care or love her any less.  It is a huge step and of course I have hopes and fears like all parents but I’m taking each day as it comes and I’m looking forward to the next stage of her journey 🙂  One thing I know for sure is that I won’t need hankies in the morning 🙂

Here is Miss B before her first day




1 thought on “The Next Big Step”

  1. Miss B was very prepared for school thanks to us and my Mum. I’m happy she’s growing up and getting on in life, nothing to fear 🙂


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