Let’s talk about sex baby!

I think it’s fair to say they I’m not the greatest reader in the world.  I have very little imagination and don’t really take much pleasure to sitting down and reading a book from cover to cover.  On the other hand Mr B LOVES to read.  He speed reads and likes nothing more than losing himself for hours in a bubble.

The only thing I read consistently are magazines, Heat. Closer, OK and Cosmo are a few favs.  I am fascinated by people and love to read through real life stories and the have a nosey in the celebrity world so when Mr B asked my opinion about the possibility of him being in Cosmo I was elated.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, Mr B responded to a request for subjects for an article and within a few hours was in full blown email communication with the Features Editor.  He ran it past me and I was excited about it and thought it would be brilliant for him to do it.  After a bit of organisation, he was given the details of where and when the photo shoot and interview would happen and set about making plans.  Mr B blogged about it here, so I will try not to repeat his story but give it from my side.

Mr B got instructions that it would all happen in London so we looked at all different methods of transport to get him there ultimately deciding that the train was the best option.  I drove him into the station in the early hours of the morning to save him taking his car and having to drive when he got back, so we were up at 3:30am to get him into Glasgow on time.  I then headed home and had an hours kip and got up for work.  

My head was spinning all day wondering what he was up to and what was happening, but as it was only the 2 of us that knew what he was up to, he decided to post pictures as he went to give clues away.  I think I must have checked my phone a million times for updates and was all giddy with excitement when I saw what he was doing.

Mr B going off to London on his own to be interviewed for a national magazine was a big deal for both of us and I was a little apprehensive about the questions they were going to ask, after all Cosmo and More were part of my sex education growing up, so I know the kind of question they ask.  Mr B came home absolutely exhausted but buzzing and all we could do was wait for the September issue to come out to see what the article looked like. 

About 5 weeks had passed and I was in Morrisons and noticed a new edition of Cosmo on the shelf.  I took it down and opened the plastic but was really nervous about turning the pages.  I thought, what the hell, and opened it anyway.  As I flicked through the pages my heart was pounding with excitement about seeing Mr B in there but also what the article was going to say.  Thankfully it was a really nice, positive article and I was so proud of him.

Being so young when we got together some people scoff at the fact that we have only ever been with each other, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Plus, my husband is a Cosmo model dontcha know 🙂





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