Sucky sickness


Today I had a much needed day off work and had great plans for things to do including all the housework that I’ve been too tired to do and catch up on the ironing, do the monthly food shop and maybe try and fit in something for me.

Mr B took Miss B down for breakfast this morning and as I was heading for a shower I heard a scream and a thump. The scream was Miss B being sick, any time she has been sick she’s done this, I assume it’s just the shock but it’s really horrible.

I came downstairs to see her hanging over the sink being sick and shaking like a leaf. I got her stripped off and I took her up for a bath, then into clean jammies and we made up a bed on the couch.

About an hour later she was sick again but so far nothing else. Today we have watched: Shrek, Space Chimps, Kung Fu Panda and Tangled. She looks a bit brighter and managed to keep down some toast so fingers crossed she’s on the mend.

Needless to say I haven’t got most of my to do list done but we never get to have cuddle jammie days any more so I’m just going to enjoy it.


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