Last night a friend put a comment on her Facebook about watching the Sex and the City movie and it sparked a question about cheating.

There are many excuses for cheating, boredom, being drunk, my partner doesn’t understand me or I fell on it, but I will be honest and say that I think they are all bollocks.  I’m not sure I believe that as humans we are meant to be monogamous, I think we make the choice to stay with a particular person and we make the decision to cheat. 

A very long time ago I fell out with someone who had been a good friend because she couldn’t/wouldn’t stop sleeping around.  Every time we went on a night out she would cop off with some random and cheat on her boyfriend who was completely oblivious to it all.  She appeared to feel no guilt and would be all lovey dovey when she was with him but the absolute worst bit was using me as an alibi when she didn’t go home.  It got to a stage where I couldn’t take any more and when I tried to talk to her about it she decided that I was the arse and we stopped speaking.  Maybe I should have kept my opinion to myself, but I didn’t like what she was doing and when I was being drawn into it, I felt less than happy.

So peeps, tell me what you think.  Do you think people make the choice to cheat? Why do people stand by their partner? Do people know it’s going on and just let it go for an easy life?

Oooh its a minefield



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