Talking to Ghosts

A few weeks ago, Miss B and I were in the car when she told me that she missed her Bampa.  Her Bampa is my Grandpa who passed away 2 years ago and she pretty much saw him daily until she was 21 months old.  He spent a lot of time talking and singing to her and she loved him and they were very close.  

I told her it was ok to miss him because we love him very much and that I’m sure he misses us too.  I couldn’t help but laugh when she announced “He could at least phone me Mummy”!  When I said ”I don’t think he can call from heaven”, she replied: ”Oh yeh, no reception”. The kid is amazing!!!

She went on to tell me all the things she missed about Bampa and that she wanted to talk to him again, but knows he is in heaven so she can’t.  I told her that she didn’t need to see him to talk to him and if she ever wanted to chat then she could talk to him and he would hear her.

Switch to today and we were out having lunch. She was muttering away to herself and Mr B asked her what she was saying to which she proudly exclaimed ”I’m just having a wee chat with my Bampa”. We sat and listened to her for 5 minutes chatting to him and telling him that it was her birthday soon and she wished he would be able to come to her party.  It choked me up and made me really proud that she had listened and decided to have a wee chat with her Bampa.



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