Holiday, Celebrate

We are just back from 3 lovely days away in the wilderness and it was total bliss!

The Wigwam site is about a 2 hour drive away from home, so after getting up and organised we headed off about 11am on Sunday morning.  Beth was mega excited and was chirping away the whole journey about going to stay at the Igloo 🙂

Beth got herself so excited she ended up passing out with exhaustion and after a short catnap we stopped off for some lunch. We got some gorgeous home made soup for Beth and for once I was glad when she didn’t finish it all so I could because it was soooo tasty 🙂

The weather had been a bit overcast all day but the further north we went the sunnier it became  but the minute we drove into the site the heavens opened, how typical is that?!?

We got the keys to our Wigwam from the reception and headed up.  Beth was overcome with excitement and just couldn’t contain herself when we parked up and gave her the key.  After getting the car unpacked and hiding from the rain for a while we went for a walk to get our bearings but thankfully since we had been there before we knew where everything was and not much had changed.  Unfortunately the rain didn’t let up so instead of getting a bbq going for dinner we used the kitchen facilities and I was really pleased that they were still so tasty!

We went to the site shop to get supplies for a fire and headed back up to get it going.  Mark was very proud of his fire and for all some people might slag him off for his lack of manliness (usually his Dad) he did very well and we were nice and toasty all night.  While he was concentrating on the task in hand I got Beth organised for bed.  Since she was a tiny baby she has always been great at going to bed and going to sleep but the last few weeks she has been a nightmare and really fought us on it.  With her being in a difference place and being so over excited about being on her holidays she was not for going to sleep and we had a battle on our hands.  Finally after over an hour of fighting she settled down so Mark and I got to chill out, relax and have a good long chat around our camp fire.  It’s so strange considering we live together and see each other everyday but we sat outside for hours just shooting the breeze and enjoying each others company.  It was lovely ðŸ™‚  I am a great believer that once you run out of conversation there’s no point in going on and I am so glad that even after nearly 13 years together that we can still sit and talk about everything and not run out of anything to say.

On Monday we were woken up by a very excited Beth at 7am and no amount of chatting/bribery was going to get her to be quiet and go back to sleep.  She was desperate to get outside in her jammies and wellies and since the site is so safe, we got her big warm jumper on and let her free for a while 🙂

We fired up the bbq and got the sausages going and after breakfast went for a walk through the site.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful and there was a huge waterfall a few hundred yards away from us which was really stunning.  After a long walk we jumped in the car and drove down to Tarbert and went on a cruise up to the North of Loch Lomond.  Again Beth was really excited but she was so well behaved for the whole hour watching out the window at the wildlife and she was fascinated by the water and how it moved.  After the boat trip we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch and the staff were amazing with Beth.  She ate all her lunch so got some ice cream and the lady gave her a lollipop for being so well behaved.  She asked the lady for the bill and went with her to get it then brought it to us then paid for it and pocketed the change.  She is such an independent little girl and loved the opportunity to go and help “the lady”.

After the boat we headed back to the Wigwam and chilled out and played some Uno, Beth is a shark at this btw, and then got organised to go out for some food.  We found a nice pub up at the Green Welly Stop and had a really lovely dinner then headed back for an early night.

This morning Beth woke us up again at 7am but we needed to be out of the Wigwam by 10:30am so thankfully we had plenty of time to get everything packed up on time.

All in all the weekend was a great success and we had a lovely break.  Beth was really sad to leave and asked us we could just stay there forever ðŸ™‚

Here are some pics 🙂 







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