Gushy, gush, gush

Ok, I don’t do it very often but this wee post is about Beth and her general awesomeness. 

Today we had a parents day at nursery.  Beth started nursery in 5th August 2009 the day before her 2nd birthday and like a lot of kids wasn’t too sure about it at first.  She was really upset every morning she was dropped off for about 3 months and it was heartbreaking.  I’m the type of Mum that if something’s got to get done then I just get on with it, but it was so hard to watch her crying her eyes out and screaming after me every morning.  After a while she settled down and started looking forward to going and would come home telling us everything she had been getting up to.

Skip to today, I had arranged to work from home because the nursery is 5 minutes from the house and it just made more sense than to drive 40 miles to get to work then leave early.  So Mark and I met at the nursery this afternoon and went in to speak to Beths key worker, Gillian.

The report was brilliant and they are very happy with her, she said Beth is very clever, confident, happy, sociable, obedient and well mannered. The best compliment was that she is one of the best kids they have in the room and she is totally ready to go up to the pre-school room.  I was gushing with pride and still am as I sit here typing this.  I am so happy that my little girl is heading in the direction that we want her to.  She is a joy to be around (most of the time) and we can take her anywhere.  Shes growing up so fast and developing into a lovely little girl who we are both immensely proud of.

At times it’s hard being a full time working Mum and sometimes weeks and months fly past in a blur so getting an update on Beth and hearing all the things she’s been getting upto in the last year and how many friends she has is so reassuring that nursery a few days a week was a good choice.  I took her and my Mum out for dinner tonight and she was sitting beaming away telling her Gug what the ladies said about her and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mum so happy either!

All in all today has been awesome 🙂



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